Château de Brumare
Cottage, guest rooms,
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Escape to Normandy, less than 1? hours from Paris

Escape to the peace and quiet for a romantic or family break in Normandy

Do you dream of getting away from it all and enjoying a charming, peaceful environment? Château de Brumare and its estate offer an exceptional setting to make the most of your stay in Normandy.

The château's grounds offer 19 hectares of greenery and include a greenhouse and vegetable garden. The perfect place to recharge your batteries as a couple, with family or friends.


Visit the city of a hundred bell towers

Rouen is less than 40 minutes from the Château du Domaine de Brumare in the Eure department. Rich in history, the city has many places of interest.

The aître Saint-Maclou is one of them: listed as a historic monument, it is one of the last gallery cemeteries in the country. Its facades and carved wooden decorations will take you back in time. You can visit the Aître Saint-Maclou on your own or on a guided tour.

A little further on is the impressive Notre-Dame de Rouen cathedral. Its spire is 151 metres high, making it the tallest cathedral in France. Its Gothic architecture is notable for having preserved its archiepiscopal palace. This world-famous cathedral is the most visited monument in Rouen!

Continue along the rue du Gros Horloge. This building features a Gothic-style belfry housing one of the oldest clock mechanisms in Europe, as well as a Renaissance clock face. You can take an audio-guided tour of the monument.


A change of scene in Cabourg

Stroll along the Promenade Marcel Proust and enjoy the sumptuous scenery Cabourg has to offer.

Made famous by the writer, this town less than an hour from the Château du Domaine de Brumare is full of charm thanks to its architectural heritage. Now a playground for architects, Cabourg is packed with villas inspired by Gothic, Renaissance and many other styles! The town's many parks and gardens add an enchanting atmosphere.

Just the thing for a timeless day out during your stay or weekend in Normandy!


Deauville, a must-see

A key destination in Normandy, just 45 minutes from the Château du Domaine de Brumare, Deauville has been attracting holidaymakers since the 1800s.

Famous for its beach, its bathing cabins also attract the curious. It was in 1923 that architect Charles Adda created an Art Deco complex: the Pompeian Baths, inspired by the Roman thermal baths of Antiquity.

Other cabins line the 643-metre stretch of beach, with an exotic Malagasy wooden promenade from which it takes its name: "la Promenade des Planches". It became famous in 1966 thanks to Claude Lelouch's film "Un homme et une femme".

Take your time, stroll along Deauville's coastline and enjoy its enchanting atmosphere.
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