Château de Brumare
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History of Château de Brumare

For people who love history, learn all about the Château’s past, from when it was built to the time of the Countess of Lévis-Mirepoix, Princess of Robech, who died in 1997.

The castle was probably built in the 16th century and made of wood. This was eventually razed to the ground, leaving only the foundations. The current château was built on these foundations in the 17th century.

Then, to keep up with the fashion of the day, two new wings were added on either side in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, the roof was demolished to make way for an additional storey and a new entrance, in the form of a glass roof and two pavilions, one serving as a new kitchen and the other as a library.

This huge residence was inherited by the Countess of Levis-Mirepoix, Princess of Robech, its last inhabitant, who was Mayor of Brestot and the first woman to sit on the Conseil Général of Eure.

Lose track of time in these lush green surroundings...
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